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When you work with Noel, you're not truly aware of it at the time, but there's this family of amazing people you begin to meet.They're renaisance people...people of multiple talents or of amazing thought process' that is new to you. There's usually a common thread of a kind of artistic high life ....timing in their past glory days These days are different .it created a yin and yan. But our journey is meant to be part

of theirs and their journey part of ours . you open your eyes and leap yes I said open your eyes and leap!

I was driving to a town I had never been before to help a friend in a weekend workshop. His daughter was in charge and I was looking foward to meeting her. I just entered a parking garage and was going around one of those curves, when the car in front slowed down and came to a stop, she leaned out her window and said my name to me and she said to go to the airport to get her dad. i said i would now realizing I had no Clue where the airport was! but by the grace of God,i found it ! i jumped down with eyes wide open !

Question who ,out of all the amazing people you have met

left a mark in your thinking

who would you like to meet? what do you want to learn and why?

what song/songs still speaks to you ?

what books ,beside the bible, is your favorite?

those are a good start !

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Great post Jeanne! Love the fun fact at the end as well. Also made me think of this more recent popular musical nod to Mr. Carroll by Gordon Sumner and his friend, Orville Richard Burrell CD, (better known as Sting & Shaggy,). https://youtu.be/iGvDSOaV6_w Also, related fun fact, Noel covers The Police song "Every Breath You Take", crediting Gordon Sumner as writer, and both Sting and Peter, Paul and Mary covered "Soul Cake" though P,P&M's version is entitled, "A' Soalin'" and came out 46 years earlier. I know, not really related at all... but hopefully fun just the same...

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Than you Jeanne for sharing these conversations, insights, experiences. Im a fan of Tom Paine as well, fascinating character, inspiring writer, and thought before his time on a slew of issues

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Welcome to The Merry Family of Writers in one Form or Another ! I too am only learning how to use Substack, so I dont know if my comment to you should be in the comment section or in my space because its long. i'll try one,if that doesn't work Ill know to use the other.

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I’ve had the privilege of hosting Noel for several concert events at our church. I’m really excited about this project. His story is one of deep faith and compassion. I’m not sure how you will get it all into one book!

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